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Posted: April 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’ve managed well below the top 20 for sometime now. Really enjoying tweeting with you all today! @TeamReyNews @ReyNoticias @zzzREYzzzz @RSOfficialPage are tags you can follow via Twitter. is my profile and like the band page #SwingYourMood! Also register to receive e-mail updates to the blogs by visit That is a Panorama of all that’s going on with me and my music.

Love You Too Much,

Estoy para servirle en rank #6 entre los DJs en Bronx,NY. Me diverti mucho hoy en twitter y facebook. Sigue @TeamReyNews @ReyNoticias @zzzREYzzzz @RSOfficialPage. y Puedes registrarte a seguir el blog y ser parte del movimiento a traves de esa sola pagina!

Me Tienen Demas,


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