The King’s Facade | La Fachada Del Rey

Posted: April 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

At #6 again!! That’s right. Back up top where I should be. I actually feel like this is where hard work lives. Thanks to DJs who don’t vocalize, singers who use other people’s songs, rappers who can’t produce music, and monolingual artists that can’t crossover. I feel grateful for all of your love and support. Please keep the YouTube views coming! Check out my reverb for all the links of where I be at online. Love ya!

Rankiado #6. Sigo subiendo.. me siento Imparable. Me siento mas de comodo ya que estoy rompiendo esquemas. Desde el sillon en los controles al banquillo en la cabina de grabacion. Desde el ingles al español, cantante a rapero/compositor, sin rival ni competencia sin freno sin riversa… Mi gente… El Rey, este servidor, los quiero. Visitame en para mas entretenimiento.


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