Miami Heat Winning Streak @ 22

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

The way I see it, the Miami Heat are still on last year mode with gold in their skin. It may look well spread but to me these numbers just say one thing #TeamW. Some games turn out closer than others, with King James dominating the floor at both ends -this way-, Dwyane Wade will stay either Airborne at half court and/or Chris Bosh revs up for some more exciting years to his youth playing time numbers. I can’t see this team scaffolding their stars anytime soon other than Ray Allen. As a six man, Ray Allen just got off scoring 20 tonight. Let’s keep rooting for good health to these young entertaining sportsmen.

Here’s the scoreboard for the last 22 games the Miami heat have been on the Hardwood Floor.



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