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Posted: March 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

The music and work put into this album was a once in a lifetime. With a 5 year gap between Rey’s first CD, “On My Way, and the sophomore, “Razzmatazz”, you’d want to know if youtube had been the only platform of Rey’s music. Well it is not. “Usually I write more songs than I should and end up splitting the numbers into albums” -RP. Which means to not scar a album, what’s doing is giving time its due.

“I think for me this year has been fun. Not just on the stage and the media but also on the personal. I’ve been smarting up with my writing, reading, building more friendships, it’s expanded my understanding.”

“Moreover, throughout 2009-2013, the focus has been more literature than anything else. I’ve been visiting museums and landmark places that have made me try new aspirations. Like for one, I just recently got onto listening BACHATA! and it is my home country’s native genre. So that’s been fun. Thanks to Reverbnation and their site, with the charts over there and competition so tight, I feel honored to be named #7 in the Dance charts for the greatest city in te world.

Although I’ve yet to discover a reliable enough band to follow me as I surface myself throughout that quest, the next project is looking sweet, sexy, refined whatever’s under that umbrella. 8 hits that I can say are included will likely qualify for a video so I’m excited!”

Team Rey News

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