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The way I see it, the Miami Heat are still on last year mode with gold in their skin. It may look well spread but to me these numbers just say one thing #TeamW. Some games turn out closer than others, with King James dominating the floor at both ends -this way-, Dwyane Wade will stay either Airborne at half court and/or Chris Bosh revs up for some more exciting years to his youth playing time numbers. I can’t see this team scaffolding their stars anytime soon other than Ray Allen. As a six man, Ray Allen just got off scoring 20 tonight. Let’s keep rooting for good health to these young entertaining sportsmen.

Here’s the scoreboard for the last 22 games the Miami heat have been on the Hardwood Floor.


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Con otro clasico ya en venta, Rey, artista urbano, hace sentir al publico de hip-hop en ingles con mas energia que nunca. “Razzmatazz”, si el barrio a estado hablando de un tema, el tema esta en este disco. Cuando se planifica para los clubs, cumpleaños, weekenes’, y happy hours, lo que suena por tu bocina saldra de este album.

Este disco fue dedicado especialmente para mi. Mi crecimiento, mis creencias de juventud, fue plenamente diversion a lo maximo al cumplir conmigo mismo al igual que con ustedes. Ya que me siento conciente logrando un disco en ingles, es posible ver el proximo proyecto como una espada de doble filo, asi es, ingles & español. Tengo 8 canciones escritas, algunas que rompen otros que enamoran y mas que reflejan.

Mi deposito hacia el tiempo de cada cosa se hace deficil, ya que saben que no es nada facil verdad? Mi resplandor se vera 3 veces mas luminado con mi tercer album. Estoy tan ancioso que urge a veces revelarlo antes de tiempo, pero me espero ya que “Razzmatazz” esta al bate todavia dando Palos.

Vale la pena esforzar a cada publico. Personas que no esperamos cuales llegan a beneficiarnos a nosotros mismos a veces les llegamos solo a traves de estos discos crossovers. En el transcurso de cinco (5) años, llegue a ver monumentos, museos, varios lugares de entretenimiento, y mas importance mi cultura latina. En honor a Corporan (Santo Domingo, DR) que le lleve mi cancion en vivo de “Hazlo Como Lo Hace Un Arabe” (todo una aventura).

El pasado es pasado a la ves mi corazon se encuentra con fuerza inmune a tribulaciones del futuro. Vivamos mas a lo que hay, “Razzmatazz”, posiblemente el tercero tendra la potencia musical del lenguaje bilingue.

Rey Noticias

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The music and work put into this album was a once in a lifetime. With a 5 year gap between Rey’s first CD, “On My Way, and the sophomore, “Razzmatazz”, you’d want to know if youtube had been the only platform of Rey’s music. Well it is not. “Usually I write more songs than I should and end up splitting the numbers into albums” -RP. Which means to not scar a album, what’s doing is giving time its due.

“I think for me this year has been fun. Not just on the stage and the media but also on the personal. I’ve been smarting up with my writing, reading, building more friendships, it’s expanded my understanding.”

“Moreover, throughout 2009-2013, the focus has been more literature than anything else. I’ve been visiting museums and landmark places that have made me try new aspirations. Like for one, I just recently got onto listening BACHATA! and it is my home country’s native genre. So that’s been fun. Thanks to Reverbnation and their site, with the charts over there and competition so tight, I feel honored to be named #7 in the Dance charts for the greatest city in te world.

Although I’ve yet to discover a reliable enough band to follow me as I surface myself throughout that quest, the next project is looking sweet, sexy, refined whatever’s under that umbrella. 8 hits that I can say are included will likely qualify for a video so I’m excited!”

Team Rey News

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