Razzmatazz 2013 Officially Released

Posted: February 19, 2013 in R Team

Hello to all of Rey’s fans. It is to my honour that I present this sophomore album today, as officially finished to hit ReverbStore today.

The records are monolingual which means they are all in english with an east coast NY style, produced from the very hands of the artist, Rey. Sounds with hard punches on each beats while accompanied by sweet slick melodies and shook percussion instruments.
The tone of these tracks differ so much from On My Way that during recording hours in the studio, a chair was often used in the booth to relax and zone better with the dimmed lights calm atmospheric mood in the studio.
Although singing is what usually busts out the speakers while playing R records, this time, the focus is to be informative, catchy, slick, entertaining, through being intelligent at it.
“I made it . . . A.I.G too big to fall” -Rey ’13 Razzmatazz | Above The Rest |
That line describes most of what is conveyed while laying down Razzmatazz. It is meant to be of purpose for DJ’s at nightclubs, parties, concerts, the same truth could be said for riders. . . Those who love to keep good material in their mp3 players or a nice sound system while on their vehicles. Dancers as well.
R Team exalts you to take this energy, work with it, of course sleep with it just not too loud : ). Hope everyone has been having a splendid year, be well. + For those who drink #pleasedrinkresponsibly
R Team

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