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Razzmatazz 2013 Officially Released

Posted: February 19, 2013 in R Team

Hello to all of Rey’s fans. It is to my honour that I present this sophomore album today, as officially finished to hit ReverbStore today.

The records are monolingual which means they are all in english with an east coast NY style, produced from the very hands of the artist, Rey. Sounds with hard punches on each beats while accompanied by sweet slick melodies and shook percussion instruments.
The tone of these tracks differ so much from On My Way that during recording hours in the studio, a chair was often used in the booth to relax and zone better with the dimmed lights calm atmospheric mood in the studio.
Although singing is what usually busts out the speakers while playing R records, this time, the focus is to be informative, catchy, slick, entertaining, through being intelligent at it.
“I made it . . . A.I.G too big to fall” -Rey ’13 Razzmatazz | Above The Rest |
That line describes most of what is conveyed while laying down Razzmatazz. It is meant to be of purpose for DJ’s at nightclubs, parties, concerts, the same truth could be said for riders. . . Those who love to keep good material in their mp3 players or a nice sound system while on their vehicles. Dancers as well.
R Team exalts you to take this energy, work with it, of course sleep with it just not too loud : ). Hope everyone has been having a splendid year, be well. + For those who drink #pleasedrinkresponsibly
R Team

Ladies, gents, everyone. . . nothing but good news in this snow day. Reverbnation has begun approving the designs for RS clothing and apparel. This is a huge leap forward as owning a store is not just a dream for many it is also a huge expansion and with the help of audio life, the store will be open 24/7. The first few samples have been put up today. The company will start with units for the top, moving on, you will see an expansion unit towards pants and all other accessories for men, women and children. Prices range from $18.99 to $39.99 and deliveries take up to 5-7 business days for 1 – 23 units, 2 weeks for 24+ units. Order your favorite color “RS” sweater/polo today! #Valentines #Special #Gifts #Fashion (some logos on site will be out of place we are aware and working on resolving this issue, obviously your order will not come through as shown but with the perfect touch from R Team)

Damas, caballeros & juventud. . . nada mas que buena noticia en este dia tan cauteloso para muchos. Mientras en la ciudad de Nueva York caía nieve, Reverbnation, AudioLife & RSchoolOfMusic construyeron parte de la nueva moda. Es algo que muchos sueñan, una nueva marca/tienda de ropa, RS. Gracias al departamento de diseños que fue tan servicial, las selecciones de colores en favor, y Audio Life junto Reverbnation por las opciones. . . Esto es un gran logro, cada uno somos campeones pero esto solo lo cumplen grandes exponentes. Solo once (11) diseños por ahora pero puedes ordenar la cantidad de unidades que quieras. Variedades de $18.99 a $39.99. 5 a 7 dias para delivery de 1 a 23 unidades, 2 semanas para 24 unidades y mas. Esto sinceramente uno de esos requisitos que hace una empreza. Ordena suéters, camisetas y polos “RS” de tu color preferido hoy aquí! #SanValentin #Regalos #Especial #LaNuevaModa (Algunos logos/diseños puestos en la camisetas de la pagina se ven fuera de su margen, estamos trabajando en resolver este inconveniente. Camisetas llegaran con toda perfeccion necesaria por correo, el error solo se ve online).

Rey Music For Good


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Alec Baldwin

On this night February 2nd 1013 Robert Griffin Jr III and Adrian Peterson have enjoyed their evening at the ceremony held to comemorate those who’ve had a successful season. CBS brought us up close to NFL Honors night at Mahalia Jackson Theater where players were awarded for their performance throughout the year.

Although tomorrow the Superbowl will be between the San Francisco @49ers and the Baltimore @Ravens, this event still held a stage with talented stars, photo shoots, red carpet, champagne and Alec Baldwin (Event Host). Here are your results for the 2013 NFL Honors, awards ceremony

Most Valuable Player: Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota Vikings


Offensive Player of the Year: Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota Vikings

Defensive Player of the Year: J.J. Watt, DE, Houston Texans

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Robert Griffin III, QB, Washington Redskins

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Luke Kuechly, LB, Carolina Panthers

Comeback Player of the Year: Peyton Manning, QB, Denver Broncos