Iron Man 3 UK Release April 26

Posted: January 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well here it is. The United Kingdom is getting ready for April 26 as Robert Downey Jr is starring in the jewel of his career Iron Man 3. The trailer from my perspective looks sweet, it could’ve been should’ve, would’ve doesn’t matter since it’s Iron Man. I hope people go watch the film just to follow up on the previous IMs. Lately I haven’t been able to go the movies for the fact that Razzmatazz loads a heavy weight. Why is it out at UK first before USA, idk, but the screening of Iron Man 2 I saw it in NY. The line was long enough for guards to not let anyone in without safety unless is VIP (how I got in).

Aqui les dejo el preview de la pelicula que esta de no perderce, Iron Man 3, cuya pelicula se presenta Robert Downey Jr, estrella de la series de cine “Iron Man”, Saldra en Reino Unido primero por lo cual la fecha anunciada es Abril 26. Eh presumido los cines estaran lleno ya que el primer lanzamiento de la segunda Iron Man 2 ciendo aqui en Nueva York me tuvieron que ver con el pase de VIP por la fila que habia. La demostracion esta excelente, muy buena para captivar a la gente.


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