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Posted: January 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

Works have been made and promises unkept. The new year has disposed of the first month leaving so many things on the floor after the parties it looks like a train cart. Plans to make more of it had been from last year christmas 2012, this year, with the abundance and gracious god we have. . . it is in my honor that we announce the good news and bad news here at RSchoolOfMusic (courtesy of WordPress). Razzmatazz is a very thorough branded CD with club music representing diverse cultures from Jamaican to panamanian and from NYC as a resource to the world.

Como ya Rey a preparado el noveno tema, atomado una pausa a la medida que le guastaria expandir al extremo mas lejos posible en terminos de audiencia en parte intercontinental. Muchos sacan discos & mixtapes con el valor propuesto a que salga con suficiente fuerza y con mucha calidad aun no equivalen a un disco que explote mainstream.

With that said, the works of Rey and RSchoolOfMusic have been postponed until further notice. I, we, us here that are pleased and comforted by your love and support hope you guys understand and keep telling your friends about the company. Here’s a tweet from an account kept for RSchoolOfMusic dandole al descanso antes de el lanzamiento:

Jan. 17 2013 @RSchoolOfMusic tweeted:
“ever had that schedule that as soon as you saw it, you said, i. am #DoingTooMuch.

On other views, Rey has divided from his old label due to disputes concerning the registering of songs written and recorded by Rey that were sent to copyright under the wrong name. R team is in the middle of making the correct changes to avoid further frictions on this incoherent issue.

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