Video Games & The Health Component

Posted: November 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

Video Games have an impact effect on kids and young adults. Video games should be controlled more by the players than it actually is. A video game store, gamespot, with the motto “Power to the players” is not enough for the millennial and the generation before to just buy games and give fans the ability to post on the game’s maker’s forums. Kinect motion sensor is a handy worthwhile gear since families can exercise moves in sync with the game. But to value the change from the upbringing through the childhood and ages 25-28, the scales of power need to be reevaluated. With the United States going to war, a game like Call Of Duty has sold more than any music album that has come out. As far as joy, passing time and a more or less insight on modern warfare go, Call Of Duty is a war game, which involves weapons of warfare, guns an stabbing that has done its job to keep many guys off reality but the truth also has another side of the coin, programming. Today, the city of New York has more police officers in the street though in the year of 2012 there have been many accidents and crimes of psychologically crazy killers involving vehicles and gun possession including the innocent victims of the screening that took place in Colorado for the movie, The Dark Knight Rises. 22 people lost their lives as the movie also made more than $400 Million dollars not including the first Dark Knight movie nor its video games. The case of Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association which governor of California Arnold Swazzenager took to the Supreme Court was for the most part in vain. As the video game industry won vs the argument of its exposure to violence, sex and explicit content. The advantages vs the disadvantages scale barely fair to home slices.

With the powerful innovation of technology, today more than ever, society is at risk to an uncertain future. Our kids, including my own, will have to refrain from the aggressiveness that we were exposed to growing up without the useful tool of parental permission to have access to these games. I personally, a fan of the NBA, repent purchasing the best-selling title from 2KSports NBA 2K12 and its recent 3 or four year releases because they have changed their game in so many different ways. As a fan of the starting NBA titles from 2KSports that had success I decided to post on their community forums though with the amount of other players’ feedback they receive daily, my comment was not reviewed nor did their new release commit to the changes players are asking for. These frustrations led me to speak on behalf of the parents engaged in protesting against video games. Since these companies make so many millions, then they should consider divisions of labor operations to at least respond to everyone’s two cents.

Although the turmoil in these consoles, video games also have advantage over the city population and residents who live in urban areas with high crime ratings. For example, growing up in Dominican Republic, my father bought me a Super Nintendo. My mother did not let me go out much, may it have been for the danger of our environment or whatever reason but I grew up going from video game playing and attending school to trading. Working for a pharmacy in New York City where most youngsters today lack the maturity, I grew up with the opportunity to investing that money in music and now I can enjoy the common wealth of indie artists as I integrated the business all by myself. My brothers who are older than I did not have video games in their time so my ambitions differ from theirs as far as imagination and aggressiveness go. Should video games all come with a health manual, I would urge all manufacturers to instruct on how to play, and make those players aware of the effects of playing (long hours or just one hour). Microsoft has their site filled with hints and tips on how to have a healthy, safe and well gaming experience. The site mentions that there have been cases where children have gotten wasted playing long hours, have died and also suffered from addiction and physical injured conditions. These are serious matters that put our generation at risk. provides more on how to play moderately.

The amount of exposure that a child has on any given M (mature) rated video game can be harmful to his/her aging. Video games should be controlled more by the players than it actually is. XBOX Live is a service that Microsoft provides where the internet is used to allow a server hold multiple lobbies with 6-18 players each (depending on the game) from all over the world to play. To optimize the commute, these players can wear headsets and talk with each other as the game is on. Players can submit review involving the behavior of another gamer who is acting constructively as well as submit a complaint for someone who is acting disruptively. Like contacts on a cellphone, gamers can select others to join their friends list where anytime that particular player gets online or vice-versa, the systems of both players are indicative, which means they know the availability and who is playing what game.

The XBOX 360 is useful to watch movies, to purchase episodes of tv shows and even watch real sports games and events through services like Netflix. Playstation 3, that has been said to be a better system, has also the ability to play Blu-Ray DVD movies. The control that these consoles have on the future is at par with the music and the media. So all in all, video games should be controlled more by the players than it actually is and the minimum two cents should always be treated like a banker servicing an investor.


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