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In a three team trade, the Lakers have managed to trade Center Andrew Bynum to get Orlando Magic’s All-Star Center Dwight Howard. Dwight’s averages are known all across the board, from blocks, to points to rebounds, and now with the Lakers, he may arguably be a future Hall Of Famer. We will have to see how the chemistry of the team is played in terms of moving the ball and setting up on the half court Defensively. Although the 76ers did get Andrew Bynum, the Magics on the other hand got not nearly a trade as even.

Breaking Down the Dwight Howard Trade
Team Acquires
Lakers Dwight Howard
Nuggets Andre Iguodala
76ers Andrew Bynum, Jason Richardson
Magic* Arron Afflalo, Al Harrington, Nikola Vucevic, Moe Harkless
* Magic also receive:
* Future first-round pick from Philadelphia (with some protection, likely through the Lottery)

* 2014 first-round pick from Denver (lower of Nuggets’ two first-rounders that year; Denver also has New York’s first-round pick from the Carmelo Anthony deal)

* 2017 first-round pick from the Lakers


If you thought it was over for the Dark Knight after its incidents with the two men saying that they are “Joker”, you thought wrong. Legendary Pictures still topped the box office on its first weekend with 160M, and its already above the 400M milestone after just two week after its release.

Batman, the classic superhero from DC Comics is fighting Bain in this film. There is introduction to a possible coming soon Robin movie as there is a Catman appearance as well played by Anne Hathaway who in the end fights along side Dark Knight, Christina Bale. Bale is devastated about the incident and visited victims of the Colorado shooting, not one week after its occurrence.

The Dark Knight Rises