LAL New Guard— Steve Nash.

Posted: July 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Money Talks

I think the trade was very strategic. It makes LA look so dedicated to their job of staying on top. Although the veterans Nash, Bryant and Gasol have a couple miles in them, I’d give them this year and call them a Western Conference Final contenders. This is Pau Gasol’s expression on the trade:

“This is great news and a good time. Anyone would love to play with Steve Nash.”

The Lakers’ power forward has embraced the arrival of the Canadian …: “I’m excited to play with Steve and with all that brings. The player is more generous and less selfish than there are in the NBA. It is also one of the assists historical leaders. “

“Unfortunately I can not control my destiny but I would love to keep the Lakers and will fight the most to try to win another ring”, Sekou Smith

[BIG IF] The LAL are also in talks with the Orlando Magics to obtain Dwight Howard for Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol, which I think would be a blockbuster for both teams knowing Andrew Bynum‘s in the middle. That trade would put the league to its ear in terms of the T’Wolves and all those other teams who don’t have this potential to trade for these respective players.

For more on the LAL and moves going around the Association visit:


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