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Aside from the usual readings and retreats from the escapes of life’s circumstances at times, touching is one of the greatest ways to love one another. Hugging and kissing eases tension as the soul recognizes itself within another. Words too. #coolstuff


I received a call from inside this morning. The Miami Heat are much rather settled, as they have built a dynasty following the favouritism of the Bulls and The Lakers. Miami wants to reign the decade and with three of the top five picks of the 2003 NBA draft, they are on the right position to do so.



Well, I cannot complain. My dad going for Miami and me with the OKC Thunder, the temperatures in NY, the 3.x stars in Miami, it pretty much says a lot about my odds of winning. Although Russell Westbrook did show the potential of a breakthrough year next season, with his clutch performance responding to every Heat basket going down the 4th. My hope is that both teams had fun, and LBJ finally got what he’s worked hard for, same goes for Bosh. It was tempting to bet without Bosh in the series the Heat would win, because I believe his jumpshot has a high percentage rate of the respect scale for that team. Chalmers last night was lighting it up from the 3 line, and that spun the cap around the whole series pretty much. So, It was a great year. . . And I know the Heat will win cause the Doctor always delivers. #NBAFinals